This is the official RecordSetter Rulebook. Any disputes that arise pertaining to a RecordSetter record attempt or existing RecordSetter record shall be resolved by following the rules within.

Rules in this section are applicable to all RecordSetter records.


1. Individuals are welcome to attempt a Record as many times as they’d like.


2. Witnesses aren’t required for Record attempts, but they do increase the likelihood a submission will be verified.


3. Submission Form must be filled out and submitted by either the person (or people) who set the Record, or an witness who documented the record.


4. The RecordSetter community reserves the right to re-measure Record specifics and modify submissions as needed.


5. The RecordSetter community reserves the right to modify Record titles or Record details for the sake of clarity or simplification.


6. Record setters and witnesses must be real people.


7. Submitted Record videos and photos may not be doctored in any manner.


8. Users who violate rules may be banned from submitting Records and/or community participation.


9. Records that break laws aren’t permitted.


10. RecordSetter is for an audience of all ages. For that reason, Records deemed "adult material" are not permitted.