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URDB in the Press

December 9, 2009
Dan Rollman, 36, has been obsessed with Guinness World Records his entire life. At Burning Man in 2004, he conceived a world-record-breaking camp, which eventually evolved into a website cofounded by Corey Henderson, 33, the Universal Record Database (, and a linked club, the World Record Appreciation Society. Their goal is simple. “We believe everyone has a potential to be the world’s best at something,” says Rollman, who once held the title of Most Bananas Fit in a Pair of Pants While Wearing Them (60!). Approximately once a month, the WRAS hosts a live record-breaking exhibition—Rollman and Henderson act as lead officials, and the audience votes on whether the feats are worthy of verification. If so, pictures, videos and a bragging title are added to the web site. 

December 8, 2009
URDB: Where Everyone Can Set a World Record 
URDB or the Universal Record Database is a community-based site where anyone, and we mean anyone, can set a record to be featured for the world to see -- and possibly break! Conceived and launched by Dan Rollman and Corey Henderson in 2008, the site has been quickly racking up world records, not only from users across the globe, but also from some serious celebs -- including Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon. Records include everything from "Fastest Time to Write the English Alphabet" to Urlesque favorite "Most Internet Meme Costumes Worn at a Party." (BEAT THAT, INTERNET!) URDB's mantra says that "Every person on Earth has potential to be the world's best 'something,'" and if that thing involves a certain amount of marshmallows balancing on your forehead, by all means, go for it!

December 4, 2009
The only mention of Guinness at the World Record Appreciation Society should be in regards to beer. The Universal Record Database, a website devoted to the accomplishment of truly unique feats, hosts this holiday-themed event to prove “that everyone on earth can be the world’s best at something.” URDB's website is chock-full of such somethings—like “Most Cheeses Named in 10 Seconds” (the current champ got 21)—which are constantly broken by nationwide users via video. Tonight, the 10 records being attempted in front of an audience include " Fastest Time To Open An Advent Calendar And Eat All The Chocolates In Order" and "Fastest Rendition Of 'Sleigh Ride' While Accompanying Oneself On Cowbell And Kazoo."

October 18, 2009
The Universal Record Database was developed to give you the chance to establish and beat your own record. In this way others like you will try to beat your record and so on. This is a fun initiative that will be greatly enjoyed by many people all over the internet. Therefore, if you have some spare time and you want to do something different you should consider giving this site a visit to be the owner off the next record in anything you can imagine.

September 27, 2009
"Ser el más rápido comiendo sandía, bailar el hula hoop con un gato en brazos o decir el mayor número de veces "Obama" en 15 segundos. Todo vale con tal de convertirse en plusmarquista mundial. Gracias a la página web The Universal Record Database, no hace falta ser un atleta de élite, basta con tener ingenio, sentido del humor y una conexión a Internet."

September 7, 2009 
"Having your very own world record is probably something you never knew you wanted. But if you think about it, who wouldn't want to be the world's best at something? ... Over 1,000 wild and wacky world records have been set on URDB, and about 1/3 of those have been broken. ... There's no reason for a group of people to try to control the process, and there's nothing wrong with people trying to set a record for the tallest tower of humans wearing one sock each while brushing their teeth and listening to Thriller. Nothing."

July 2, 2009 
"It aspires to be nothing less than the definitive site for human achievement based on its belief that every person on earth has the potential to be the world’s best ‘something’. What your ‘something’ is depends on the limits of your imagination – and judging from the site so far, most people are not limited in that department."   

June 17, 2009
"Everyone's the world's best at something - even if it's forcing quarters up a nostril, chugging maple syrup or eating the most M&M's in a minute. So a group of world-record buffs have created a new online database that allows users to dream up their own outlandish categories and post videos of their feats. 'The whole dream is that everybody has a world record in them,' said Dan Rollman, president and co-founder of the Brooklyn-based Universal Record Database. Rollman, a 35-year-old who worked in advertising, has a life-long fascination with world records, even trying in his 20s to eat the most ravioli. At the annual Burning Man event in Nevada in 2004, Rollman and friends launched their own record book, a less bureaucratic and more whimsical version of the one made famous by Guinness. Rollman and co-founder Corey Henderson then spent months in a DUMBO office creating a Web site that would allow folks from around the globe to upload videos and evidence of their exploits."

May 25, 2009 
"This means there’s finally a place, at least online, for people who aspire to achieve such distinctions as 'Longest Suspension of Tape Measure While Standing on One Foot' and 'Slowest Consumption of a Bowl of Cereal.'" 

January 25, 2009 
"Your chance to become a recognised record-breaker without all the fuss of having to apply to Guinness World Records has arrived, thanks to the Universal Records Database at, 'the definitive site for human achievement'."
"Best Oddball Night ... If your talent for guzzling maple syrup or sorting Skittles has gone unappreciated, here’s your chance at glory. Each month at Pianos, the folks behind the Universal Record Database, a sort of online Guinness World Records, host a night of drunken record making and breaking ($5). All successful record-setters get a Scouts-style merit badge, and each attempt is filmed, verified by two judges, and uploaded to the URDB website. Any record will do, so long as it’s quantifiable, breakable, and legal. Past records include 'Most Complaints in One Minute' (44) and 'Fastest Shaving Off of One’s Own Mustache' (42.18 seconds)."


October 2, 2009 
NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with guest Drew Barrymore
August 1, 2009  
ABC's "Good Morning America"
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

June 26, 2009 
NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" with guest Cameron Diaz and The Roots band member Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson 
June 10, 2009 
"...It's a really interesting way to stand out and ... be a little bit more unique. ... We love documenting records, we do a lot of stuff with kids as well. It's a really nice way to build self-achievement and it also makes a great dinner party story when you can tell people that you're the world's best."  (Dan Rollman)
"It's a great site, it's a fun thing, and it's a way to prove to your mom and dad that four year degree ... that they paid for is worth something." (Eric Landford, host CNN) 

April 5, 2009
CBS's "Sunday Morning"

March 20, 2009
NBC's "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" 



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