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Record Types

Here is a list of the general categories of world records. You can always create a new kind of record, as long as it is quantifiable, breakable, and legal. This list is by no means definitive, it should just give you some idea of the directions world record setters take.


Fastest Time to Complete a Certain Task

Longest Time to Do a Certain Feat

Most Achievements of X in a Period of Time (for example: 30 seconds, 1 minute, 10 minutes)

Group Achievements

Longest/Tallest/Shortest/Smallest/etc. Action or Object
Longest Operatic Cadenza


Social Media Records

Food Records

Feats of Strength, Flexibility, or General Fitness

Body Tricks Records

Animal Records

And beyond...

Kitchen Sink Record
When a record setter grabs a bunch of items from around the house and incorporates them into a record with seemingly no purpose.

Extremely Specific Records
When a record setter creates very specific criteria that must be fulfilled in order to break the record. 

Very Simple Records
When a record setter has a very simple (but not easy) record with that has very little specific criteria required to break the record.